The Tactically Initiated Lighting Solution, or TILS – an innovative and versatile solution to military lighting capabilities. 

BIA5 understands the importance of collaboration with defence organizations. Our covert and operational experience has informed the TILS’s design concept.  

The TILS is a technical innovation that replaces traditional pyrotechnic trip flares with high-intensity LED lights.  

With enhanced illumination capabilities, the TILS offers levels of versatility, safety, and cost-effectiveness that are unattainable with pyrotechnic solutions. 


The device can be utilised by all corps, including Special Ops Command and the Air Defence Guard, for a range of scenarios, such as: 

• Ambushing 

• Base protection, either on patrol or in field use, 

• Signature VP protection scenarios, and 

• Critical infrastructure protection. 

Integrating with existing Night Fighting Equipment, the disorienting strobing effects the TILS delivers has no negative effects on friendly forces using Night Vision Equipment fitted with the BIA5 Nova-f system. 


• Minimised risk of harm and storage 

• Significant cost savings 

• Versatility: modular, expandable, programmable 

• 100% veteran owned sovereign capability 

We at BIA5 are proud to be offering a locally developed device that provides safety, versatility, and flexibility to combat environments, while reducing cost to the government and risk to our force personnel.