Unveiling BIA5’s latest ATR platform integration, engineered and built in Australia – R.O.R.I. – Remotely Operated Rescue Initiative

The R.O.R.I. system comprises the BIA5 ATR platform fitted with a remote controlled monitor and multiple cameras enabling it to act as the eyes of First Responders.  Utilising the ATR platform’s ability to enter exclusion zones, allows firefighting personnel to use their training and expertise to combat critical incidences, whilst removing them from harm.

R.O.R.I. has been developed and manufactured in Brisbane as part of the Rio Tinto Pioneering Pitch.  The Rio Tinto Emergency Services Officers and Project Team, Joel Mowday and Matt Campbell, spent a week putting the platform through its paces, whilst undertaking the R.O.R.I. Operator Training at ERGT Australia – RTO 2534, in Perth WA.

A great use of robotic capability to keep Rio Tinto staff safe was delivered by BIA5 Pty Ltd and InterFire Agencies Pty Ltd

R.O.R.I. featured on Flashpoint WA on 7

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