BIA5 ATR platforms – representing Australia in ‘Robot Olympics’

Two of BIA5’s ATR platforms have recently travelled to the USA to participate in the DARPA SubT Challenge. They form the tracked element of the CSIRO Data61 team, representing Australia in the equivalent of an Olympic finals for robotics. IEEE Spectrum’s Evan Ackerman had a Q&A with the CSIRO Data61 DARPA SubT Challenge team Principal Investigator Navinda Kottege Read more…. Preview the event live on SubTv from 4am Thursday 23 September 2021. DARPA Subterranean Challenge Read more…

BIA5’s latest ATR platform integration

Unveiling BIA5’s latest ATR platform integration, engineered and built in Australia – R.O.R.I. – Remotely Operated Rescue Initiative The R.O.R.I. system comprises the BIA5 ATR platform fitted with a remote controlled monitor and multiple cameras enabling it to act as the eyes of First Responders.  Utilising the ATR platform’s ability to enter exclusion zones, allows firefighting personnel to use their training and expertise to combat critical incidences, whilst removing them from harm. R.O.R.I. has been developed and manufactured in Brisbane Read more…

Long Range Optics

A truly portable capability that can be deployed by a single operator to capture game changing detail at greater distance. Developed and deployed operationally over the last 8 years this is a capability we keep close to our chest and is only available to select organisations.

OzMix & OzPhone

When making the call is the most important task. Designed in close consultation with experienced leading negotiators. The OzMix takes away the complexity of other systems and allows the team to focus on W.I.N (What’s Important Now). The OzPhone is a throw phone that focuses on enhancing information in support of the mission and commander’s intent.